Washing - and dancing!

Writing about cleaning made me think about washing (?) - and has encouraged me to document some of the other ideas I'm currently contemplating.

A while ago a did a number of stencil/ ink on canvas which I washed off to leave an echo of the original drawing. Didn't really get very far and I stored it away for the future. Then, recently when my parents were clearing out they found some old re-touching inks. I was really interested in them because the water had long evaporated leaving the residual pigments. I decided to do a series of drawings which I would document, then wash off and collect the water in a bottle. Today I decided I should get on with them - having limited space at the moment has meant I need to work on smaller stuff. So I have just ordered some clear bottles/ corks and I'm going to make a start...

The other series I want to do is one based on sound/ movement. Ages ago I tried to draw from a recording I made of me drawing - but it didn't work as there was a gap between me hearing the sound and then making the mark. Thinking about this I decided that the only way to draw in reponse to sound without any kind of delay was by dancing. I have done one piece for this series - myself dancing to a song, capturing the marks made by my feet in response to the sound with wax and then drawing over the marks with pencil to reveal them. I have a number of people lined up to do a dance for me (you know who you are!) but can't actually do this until I have my studio back. May try to find an alternative space for this if my studio situation isn't resolved soon?

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