I have decided that I'll be collecting drawing residues in bottles for a while. 1 bottle = 1 drawing. Since 2007 I've collected them collectively (??) in a perspex trough (shavings) and a large glass bottle (graphite powder). I would like to say this has come about because of a rigorous thought process and considered reasoning - but the truth is I had fallen in love with the above bottles and needed an excuse to buy them...

Flowers in a bottle?

Precipitation is the formation of a solid in a solution or inside another solid during a chemical reaction or by diffusion in a solid. When the reaction occurs in a liquid, the solid formed is called the Precipitate, or when compacted by a centrifuge, a pellet. The liquid remaining above the solid is in either case called the supernate or supernatant. Powders derived from precipitation have also historically been known as flowers. (Wikipedia)

Washed and erased...

Erased - 8B

Washed - Ultramarine
A couple of images from the washed/ erased series I'm currently working on. Ooohh - colour!!

London Highlights...

84% agree
Image courtesy of the WW Gallery
© Phil Illingworth
Can't believe it's a week since I went to London! Problem is - couple of days away and a week to catch up with the day jobs!! Anyway a lovely 2 days - a quick overview of the highlights:
The Patrick Heide Gallery. Thomas Muller's show -'Touching, Relating, Dividing' is on until Saturday and well worth a look. Lots of lovely drawing!
Thomas Muller, Patrick Heide Gallery
Phil Illingworth's show 'Frightening Albert' at the WW Gallery had been extended for a further week which I was really pleased about as it meant I got to see it! I had high expectations and wasn't disappointed. Unfortunately it's finished now - but the current WW exhibition 'Diamond Geezer' looks very interesting.
I also went to the Drawing Room to see 'Graphology' which is on until June 30th -
Wim Janssen, Corner Piece, Drawing Room
great show and great space - and on the way popped into the White Cube where I (just) caught Liu Wei's work (closed 12th May):
Liu Wei, White Cube

Drawing Paper #5 and other notes...

The fifth Drawing paper is out!
Drawing Paper is a not for profit newspaper based publication concerned solely with drawing, curated, designed and published in Liverpool UK by Mike Carney and Jon Barraclough. More info here. I have a number of copies which I'll be distributing to local Derby venues in the next week or so -alternatively pick up a copy from the Crompton Tavern and have a look whilst enjoying a pint or two! Short listed this year for the Liverpool Art Prize it's always a great read with a really interesting mix of artists (and drawings!).
Next week I'm off to London - it's been far too long since I last went and I'm very excited! I shall pop into The Other Art Fair where the Fabelists have a stand and I'm also going to be reuniting with an old friend who I haven't seen for so many years it's scary! I have yet to decide what the rest of my timetable will be - but rather than going to the 'big' shows I'm hoping to visit some of the smaller galleries. 
I lived in London in the early eighties in an Acme house (back then they also offered affordable housing/ studios combined - the rent was less than the council tax!). Initially there were plans to demolish the house but a quick search shows it's still there on Spanby Road - but now divided into flats and looking a lot posher!      We moved out of London for a variety of reasons but it is one of the few decisions I've made in my life that I would reverse if I could. I am definitely a big city girl at heart!