I don't want.....

I'm still working on what I do want but these are some of the things I don't want:

I don't want to make work which is all things to all people,
I don't want to make work which which has no intent
I don't want to make work which showcases skill over content
I don't want to make work which communicates nothing
I don't want to make work which is derivative
I don't want to make work which is decoration
I don't want to make work for the sake of it
I don't want to make work that stands still
I don't want to make work that plays safe

Reality Check...

My work is currently in turmoil (maybe slightly over dramatic but not excessively so). If I were to liken it to writing - I have no idea if I need a new sentence, a new paragraph or to start again from the beginning. I might just need to insert a comma or a semi-colon? I've been coasting, treading water, playing safe, avoiding, ignoring, and generally making excuses for a complete lack of engagement. I've managed to find some time for making but I have spent no time at all thinking (apart from thinking about what I'm not thinking about!). I have stopped challenging myself or thinking critically. I have forgotten where I was going and need to find my way again. It's time to stop feeling sorry for myself and start being a bit more honest.

Studio log - October 2018

So this month I've concentrated on a couple of large drawings. They're all 'hybrids' - hand drawn digital & physical - but as the changes are slow I've just done x 1 studio log this month.

I currently have x 4 'in progress' and I am prioritising getting them finished (expecting it to take te rest of this year and a large chunk of 2019). A big undertaking but important as I think once they are complete I'll be able to do a much needed reassessment.

one of the hybrids in progress

Best Diary Ever...

In my ongoing quest to be uber-organised I've just purchased a very special diary for next year.

I've kept a standard paper diary (January - December) every year for a very long time - as well as normal timetable/ appointment stuff I also keep notes on events, bills, payments in & out etc. The problem is that  any increases to household expenditure (council tax etc.) tend to take place in April and all my business accounting also runs from April - March. This can make it a bit confusing when trying to marry any transactions, events etc. across one financial year and 2 standard diaries. I decided the answer was to also run my paper diary from April - March to remedy this. Sounds simple but pretty much impossible! Can get student diaries that cover 12 months from June/ July but I couldn't find a 'financial year' diary. Then I came across this fantastic site - Toad Diaries. They do lots of different combinations of covers and content (and free personalised embossing if you want it). I got an A5 15 month diary which will start in January 2019 and run through to March 2020 - perfect!! Covers the remainder of this financial year and the whole of next - and from April 2020 I can get 12 month April - March ones.