Happy New Year!!

A (slightly) belated Happy New Year to all - I hope everyone has a fantastic 2017!
2016 was a really tough one for me due to some horrendous personal stuff - not much time for drawing (or anything else). 'One Day at A Time' (2016) below reflects that - each bottle contains the residues from a days drawing - and there is a grand total of 30, with very little in them...

I am hoping things will be better this year - at least to be able to spend regular time in my studio. I really need to do some serious thinking & reflection on the direction I want my work to go so my New Year Art Resolution is just to do something (anything!) on a weekly basis until I've made some decisions.
I also need to spend some time on my website. I have just found out whilst updating issuu links (new coding, so my current links will stop working soon) that my web design software isn't up to it and has been discontinued so I have to decide whether to start from scratch, get someone else to do it or see what other alternatives are out there. So annoying! As a temporary fix I will probably just add links directly to my issuu publications (if I can remember how to update my website - it's been so long :)) Luckily the blog issuu links (sidebar) have updated fine so that's a relief.
Here's to a productive, healthy and positive 2017!