Exhibition at Drawing Center

I've been invited to show in the Spring Selection Show at The Drawing Center in New York next February. Very exciting!

21st October 2007

Two weeks in...

Can't believe I've been at Bank's Mill for 2 weeks already. I've managed to go most week days but I have to try to go more... I need to try to do as much manipulation/ residue work as possible before Christmas - although I have been doing a major declutter of my studio at home so I have more space after that. I've also decided to do second squeeze drawing at home - otherwise I might get distracted at BM. It's taking a while to get used to other people around - I make myself prop my door open for at least part of the time I'm there!

12th October 2007

3rd October 2007

2nd October 2007

Moved into studio today

Got the keys to my studio yesterday and moved stuff in today. Such joy - fantastic to have peace and quiet for a change. Going to sort some large drawing boards over the next week as I'm not really happy with 'squeeze' (middle drawing above) and need to do another. Started tissue paper drawings which I'll track on drawings blog. Really looking forward to the next few months