New moo cards have arrived

New moo cards have just arrived - needed some cards with international phone details! One day I'll get round to a set with 100 different images......

Going to Paris!

Really excited - just booked a few days in Paris at the end of the month. There's a Contemporary Drawing Fair on at the Carreau Du Temple from the 26th - 29th March and I couldn't miss that could I? We were intending to go anyway this year as part of our silver wedding anniversary celebrations (we kind of got together in Paris 29 years ago!) so have just bought it forward by a few months We're also hoping to fit in a short visit to some very good friends in Mansle. - how cool is this?

Just received my order from and I'm so pleased with it! Had a detail of one of my drawings engraved onto a leather cover for my large moleskine sketchbook. Photos above don't really do it justice but if you go to their website you can see some great (and clearer) examples of other covers. I really want another one now - but I can only use one sketchbook at a time and I don't like moleskines for my diary etc. (I use fountain pens and the lined/ grid paper isn't good enough) so I need to put my thinking cap on. Maybe I should make my own book to fit........ could make a travel journal, or 'exhibitions I've visited' book ......

Light sheets

For ages I've been searching for a 10 inch square light box. Instead of going straight to a large scale I'm experimenting with some ideas on a smaller scale - 10" square to be precise (so I can show them as a group) - and one of these ideas is to do with layering drawings on translucent/ transparent papers e.g. japanese paper, tracng paper and showing them on a light box. It's pretty easy to find large light boxes at a reasonable price but impossible to find small square ones which don't cost hundreds of pounds!
Finally I came across the above light sheets which are really thin and flexible and can be cut to any size with a craft knife. The top photo shows the sheet as it comes out of the box - pink with the cord visible top right corner. The middles photo shows the sheet turned on and the bottom one is the sheet behind a card mount with a couple of sheets of paper with test scribbles. I shall cut the sheet to fit into a 10" square frame (with a hole cut in the bottom of the frame to feed the cord through) and I'll have a 10" square light box.