I've been really slack recently with this blog - despite deciding one of my New Year Resolutions would be to post at least once a week. Christmas was pretty bad due to a family bereavement but I did move out of my studio at Bank's Mill and I'm now back in my basement!! I eventually managed 100 'squeezed' papers (see above) and still want to complete by doing a further 500 or so. (not sure when though). Shipping work to New York is currently my priority and taking a fair bit of time but hopefully it will all be booked by the end of next week. Then all I'll need to do is hold my breath between the 13th and 15th February whilst it's in transit.... I've just started the first of a two part drawing on the gampi paper roll I bought when last in New York and it is so fine I'm not sure whether it will work or not. Needs to be fine though as I want to layer 2 drawings so that both parts are visible.

2 new drawings started