A Drawing of Nine Parts...

hybrid #2  (pre-pencil & ballpoint)
I am currently working on a drawing of 9 parts - it's strictly speaking 3 sets of triptychs but they are all linked. The first part is the three ballpoint pen on aluminium panels (finished end of 2011), the second the three digital drawings which will also be printed on floating aluminium panels (2012 - ?) and the third is 3 hybrids of digital /ballpoint pen and pencil (2014 - ?). My aim is to finish them in 2015 which may be a little optimistic but I need to concentrate on getting them done before I can move forward. There is often a little voice (sometimes a very loud voice) which urges me to do more, apply for more, work faster etc. but the reality is that I have to work at my own pace in the time I have available - so I will be spending all my studio time with a pencil or pen in my hand for the foreseeable future.

Bundle of Sticks Exhibition

Great opening last night of the exhibition. On until the end of August, Thurs - Sat 12 - 5 in Building 6, Spode Works, Stoke on Trent ST4 1QD