Touch and trace

I'm currently doing some drawings based on touch (pinch and punch above). Trying to get a sense of the mark left behind by a touch or gesture ( - a gesture which incorporates contact of some sort). I am aware that because I just love the whole activity of drawing - the making a mark on a surface - I have to be careful it doesn't tip into self indulgence. I was thinking about this yesterday and decided that, whatever else drawing is, it definately plays an important role for me in exploration and ordering of thought processes. In this series of drawings it also makes me aware of the physical nature of the 'touch' - the amount of pressure or intensity of the mark made is replicated (or even re-experienced?) through the pencil on paper.

British Art Show in Nottingham

The British Art Show will be opening in Nottingham on the 21st April - I'm going to the symposium 'location, location, location' at the Bonnington lecture theatre, ending with the opening of the show. As well as it sounding really interesting it is definately part of my 'get out of the studio and mix with people' strategy. I've decided I really need to start meeting other artists - it can be very isolating working from a studio at home. Derby 'art scene' does seem to centre around Derby Uni graduates - although I'm not sure this is true or just my perception as a non-graduate of Derby who has been practising for a long while....I was hoping that the open studios would be a way of meeting other artists in the city but although it's a step in the right direction, it definately won't be the case this year! I think I need to take more responsibility for becoming involved - although I'm really not sure that I fit in...