Wacom Inkling

For ages now I've been toying with buying an ipad (primarily for drawing digitally) but have resisted because I wanted pressure sensitivity. Wacom have just introduced a new pen - the inkling - which draws on any paper using a ballpoint pen - the drawing can then be downloaded and reworked on the computer and it IS pressure sensitive (I already have a livescribe but that only saves as vector and again no pressure sensitivity). So I've pre-ordered one and should receive it at the beginning of October. It can be saved as raster or vector, you can apply layers at drawing stage and you end up with a paper original as well...so excited!

Deda show up (nearly)

Mark & Movement exhibition which opens on September 1st at Deda, Derby is installed - just need to paint mirror plates and do labels which I shall do first thing on Thursday morning...so nearly there! The Deda show is mainly wax/ pencil drawings, smaller digital drawings and some of the 'scribble & scrawl' series (which are shown for the first time here). The open evening will be on the 22nd September at the same time as Art Core's - who are exhibiting downstairs - and the shows run until the end of October.

One down - one to go...

Photo: Natalie Dowse
Touch and Trace is finally installed at Derby Museum and will be on until the end of October. I'm going to take some photos soon - but in the meantime Natalie Dowse has very kindly blogged about it and posted some images. Mark and Movement will be opening at Deda on September 1st so no chance to relax yet but I'm going to spend a few days catching up on admin. etc. before I start to think about what, where, how.....