More snow and more sketchbook stuff

Saw this online (26 years, 86 notebooks) and thought it was really interesting . Although I don't use the same size sketchbooks or number them, I have kept most of mine since about 1995. Finding the ideal sketchbook is a bit of a quest - and I find I regularly change the goalposts about what I need/ want.

'turning the page'

I've had a really productive few days - haven't produced much physically but have had some much needed thinking time.....Whilst sorting through my sketchbooks I found some pocket sized hand-cut japanese accordian books which I made in 2005/ 2006 as part of my Surface/ Space series. Reminded me how much I love accordian books as they 'read' as a normal book but then transform/ expand into something else. Thinking of producing some larger scale drawings along these lines based around the premise of 'turning a page'. Shan't start properly for at least 6 months as I need to finish current drawings - but in the meantime will plan/ test and maybe make a 'pocket' version?

Lots of lovely snow!

Got up this morning to lots of snow!! I've had an intensive couple of weeks drawing - mainly work for my solo show in 2011 at Derby Museum. Seems a long way off but I've got a lot to do! However, after looking out the window I decided to have my own version of a duvet day (or week) which means I'm going to put my pencil down for a few days and spend some time with my sketch book (current and previous), tidy up a bit and generally take some 'head' time.....