2016 already!!!

A while ago I posted about an A3 light box I'd got to test as a way of showing my layered digital drawings (above left). I've been spending as much time as possible working on the backlog (as usual not enough as I'd like) but I decided to splash out on an AO one (above right) to give myself a bit of an incentive to finish my second layer drawing ('clap'). There are a number of ways the 'hold' drawings can be combined - and I didn't spend any time experimenting - they just went in the way they came out of the cardboard tube - but I am really excited about the potential. The images without the light turned on (as above) still work - although there is a much 'starker' black and white feel - but once the light is on the subtleties really show. The largest light box in this style is AO which is smaller than the drawings at 1:1 and this has made me realise I need to move away from 'only print the size it is drawn' for at least some of the drawings if I want to play around with different ways of presenting the work. I could, of course, get bespoke boxes etc. made to exactly the size I want but that would involve me winning the lottery and I'm not sure I can wait that long.