134 I.D.'S scanned

Have finally scanned all 134 i.d. cards - now about the same number of activity drawings...From now on I'm going to try to do a bit more regularly so I don't have to spend hours slaving over the scanner!

Documentation, presentation and animation

Had a really busy time lately - although I haven't actually made as much work as I would have liked. Have been doing all the other artist 'stuff'and spending far too much time on the computer (activity, 15.03.2010 above) but think I've cracked .pngs now!
A meeting with Derby Musem about my solo there at the end of 2011 last week(and looks as if I may be showing some work at deda at the same time?) has led to lots of research into presenting work - I want to show my manipulated papers in a perspex circle (similar to a very large petri dish) but looking unlikely as the cheapest quote so far is £500 each, so I think a bit of lateral thinking is needed! The exhibition also marks a decade of exclusivly drawing for me - so lots of ideas for events/ talks to coincide with Big Draw which takes place at the same time my exhibition is on.
The 6 week animation course I've been attending at Quad finished last week and I have so many ideas which need sorting/ exploring and lots of software learning still to do. Have an initial idea which is really simple but now achievable so that's going to be the first step.
Before I do that I need to work out how to use my new camera and do some documentation of my large drawings. This may take some time as I seem to have a mental block where cameras are concerned and unfortunately relying on Auto wont be good enough. I've decided I need to make this a priority though - so I am going to stop making excuses and get on with it over the next few weeks (months?)and make lots of notes as I go along.....