Open Studios at Bank's Mill and other stuff.

This weekend is open studios at Bank's Mill. From 11-5 (Saturday) and 11-4 (Sunday) the studios are open to the public and I'm also looking forward to going around and seeing what everyone else is doing. Once it's over I need to get on with my residues project! I've done much less work than I thought I would, but I've been sorting photos/ statements etc. for The Drawing Center and arranging for exhibitions to start again at our pub. (The Crompton Tavern in Derby). The first show - Open The Door - work by members of Green Door Printmaking Studio will be up by the 11th December and from February 2008, Jane Hardstaff has agreed to curate. I've also met a lot of other creative people over the last 6 weeks, been to meetings and taking advantage of opportunities (and advice) which I wouldn't necessarily have known about which has been great. I shall be back in my studio at home full time from January, but will continue as an Associate member at Bank's Mill.

Exhibition at Drawing Center

I've been invited to show in the Spring Selection Show at The Drawing Center in New York next February. Very exciting!

21st October 2007

Two weeks in...

Can't believe I've been at Bank's Mill for 2 weeks already. I've managed to go most week days but I have to try to go more... I need to try to do as much manipulation/ residue work as possible before Christmas - although I have been doing a major declutter of my studio at home so I have more space after that. I've also decided to do second squeeze drawing at home - otherwise I might get distracted at BM. It's taking a while to get used to other people around - I make myself prop my door open for at least part of the time I'm there!

12th October 2007

3rd October 2007

2nd October 2007

Moved into studio today

Got the keys to my studio yesterday and moved stuff in today. Such joy - fantastic to have peace and quiet for a change. Going to sort some large drawing boards over the next week as I'm not really happy with 'squeeze' (middle drawing above) and need to do another. Started tissue paper drawings which I'll track on drawings blog. Really looking forward to the next few months

29th September

24th September

15 September

31st August 2007

Residue Project set for October

I will be working in a short term space at Bank's Mill from October. I am so looking forward to having a clean, uncluttered space to get to grips with ideas which have been nudging me for ages, I have no idea what the end result will be but I will be able to see things within an actual space as a whole, rather than fragmented sections. It's also going to be a real luxery to have some dialogue/ debate with other artists. I'm frantically trying to finish my current drawings (see drawings blog for progress) so that I can have a clear head - I also want to do some photos of the drawings within an installation setting. Not sure I'll finish all 3 as I've recently started a part-time job in pre-press/ print which is involving learning a lot of new software and I am going to Forres, Scotland for a week from the 1st of September but I'm going to try!

24th August 2007

19 August 2007

12th August 2007

7 July 2007

Current drawings in progress (from top: twirl, twist and tickle). All pencil on Heritage paper and all 860 x 1220 mm.

studio update and NDA publication

I visited Jasmine Cottage and really admire what Richard and Seema are doing - they have great exhibition spaces some lovely studios for rent. I also visited Bank's Mill and will hopefully have a short term space there for three months at the end of the year. I decided to go with Bank's Mill as the spaces are more suitable for the residue project - which will involve piles of paper on the floor - particularly over what will no doubt be wet, cold and miserable winter months.
Also, just heard that the Manifest NDA 2006 publication should be in the post very soon. I have 2 drawings in it - so really looking forward to receiving it. My work is quite tricky to document successfully and I had these photos taken professionally so it will be interesting to see how they look.


I am hopefully going to have a short term space at Bank's Mill Studios from October - December which will mean I can (at last!) work on my residue series

Short term studio space?

I an trying to sort out a short term studio space as I want to do some installation work and my home studio is not suitable - too much clutter and not enough floor space. I really want a space for 3 months but I have to be realistic about a budget. I have appointments to see studios for rent at Jasmine Studios in Derby tomorrow and also to meet with Filomena at Bank's Mill on Tuesday. I need a space to explore and experiment but it would also be useful to be able to document my work as it should be seen rather than as individual pieces and it would be really nice to have contact with other artists for a bit!!. I'm also going to start programming exhibitions at the pub (Crompton Tavern) again (after a bit of repainting/ plastering work in July/ August?) and ideally would have installation at Dance Centre, short term space for installation project and exhibition at the Crompton all running concurrently??