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Activity - year 3

Activity - year 4/ week 1
I've just completed Activity - Year 3. Year 1 was laminated and stitched into one long chronological installation, Year 2  is 52 lots of of 7 acetates (each 'week' in a cellophane packet) and I am hoping to animate Year 3 in the not too distant future (not sure whether this is actually going to work but going to give it a go when I have a block of time). Towards the end of this year I got really lazy and stopped taping the paper to my digital tablet. I have decided to continue this for Year 4 - on larger paper (A4 instead of A5) which completely covers the whole tablet (I never use the buttons/ shortcuts) and instead of changing paper daily I am going to leave in place for a whole week (might even go mad and leave for a whole month...).
12 weeks later

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Twist (untwisted) - date unknown

Thinking a lot about surface at the moment - and the relationship between surface and mark (and gesture/ touch)  As usual something I've been toying with for a while but it is popping up often enough to mean I need to spend some time on it. It is, of course, sod's law as I am about to enter a very busy time day job wise. That and a few potentially life changing developments in the pipeline mean I am preparing for a lean studio time. Fast followed by Feast? - hopefully.
I was listening to the radio the other day and a couple of novelists were talking about how it takes them around 3 years to write a book. It's good to be reminded sometimes that you are not the only one whose work takes time. (I am ignoring the bit where one said he was giving up writing novels because it took too long :))