Short term studio space?

I an trying to sort out a short term studio space as I want to do some installation work and my home studio is not suitable - too much clutter and not enough floor space. I really want a space for 3 months but I have to be realistic about a budget. I have appointments to see studios for rent at Jasmine Studios in Derby tomorrow and also to meet with Filomena at Bank's Mill on Tuesday. I need a space to explore and experiment but it would also be useful to be able to document my work as it should be seen rather than as individual pieces and it would be really nice to have contact with other artists for a bit!!. I'm also going to start programming exhibitions at the pub (Crompton Tavern) again (after a bit of repainting/ plastering work in July/ August?) and ideally would have installation at Dance Centre, short term space for installation project and exhibition at the Crompton all running concurrently??