Hybrid Drawings and 'The Mark' exhibition

Hybrid Draw #3 (Fade), 1016 x 1372 mm

I've finished a couple of Hybrid drawings - both from the 'Fade' series using a ballpoint pen on top of a digital drawing. The first was on an archival print and the second (above) on an uncoated matt paper. The coated paper was (as expected) a nightmare as the pen lifted the coating is I wasn't really careful - the uncoated was much easier (and I shall be interested to see if the print fades alongside the biro). What was unexpected was how the same biro mark looked a completely different colour on the different papers. The uncoated paper gave a  red sheen to the drawing. I imagine it will fade to a brownish colour - but who knows? I intend to do more hybrid drawings ...
On a different note I will be exhibiting in 'The Mark' at the Harrington Studios in June. Curated by David Manley it will be a group exhibition of large drawings and I am very excited by possible other artists who will be exhibiting alongside me whose work I have wanted to see for a while. More info can be found here and I'll update once the other artists are confirmed.