The builders are back!

Builders are here working in my studio - dust everywhere! Suppose it has to look worse before it looks better? Found another coal shoot in the cupboard to go along with the huge one we found when we did the garden. Have no idea why there were 2? Having a deja vu moment - same situation as a couple of years ago when I started this blog but this time the basement instead of the attic!

Really miss having my studio space and finding it difficult to concentrate properly in the upstairs bedroom. Feels as if I'm camping, but no alternative as every other room in the house is full of stuff from my studio - think I shall have to accept that I won't get much done over the next couple of months. Probably a good opportunity to organise all my paperwork, maybe work on some smaller drawings?

Trip to Liverpool on Friday as my drawing wasn't accepted for the Jerwood and I've just stepped on my glasses and completely smashed them so not a good day today !

Jerwood drawing delivered and studio update

Took my drawing to Liverpool today for submission to the Jerwood - so now the waiting game begins.

Looks as if work will begin on my studio on the 21st July. Dry rot has been treated - luckily I store my work elsewhere and it wasn't too bad so I suppose I was lucky. However, the rooms are now plaster-less and the damp is much more noticeable so I'm having it waterproofed properly. I can use another room until late July, but then I'll be studio-less for a while. No studio and frugal living for years to pay for the work needed to make it useable - great!!