31st August 2007

Residue Project set for October

I will be working in a short term space at Bank's Mill from October. I am so looking forward to having a clean, uncluttered space to get to grips with ideas which have been nudging me for ages, I have no idea what the end result will be but I will be able to see things within an actual space as a whole, rather than fragmented sections. It's also going to be a real luxery to have some dialogue/ debate with other artists. I'm frantically trying to finish my current drawings (see drawings blog for progress) so that I can have a clear head - I also want to do some photos of the drawings within an installation setting. Not sure I'll finish all 3 as I've recently started a part-time job in pre-press/ print which is involving learning a lot of new software and I am going to Forres, Scotland for a week from the 1st of September but I'm going to try!

24th August 2007

19 August 2007

12th August 2007