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A reading review...

I've had a lot of time restraints over the last few years (don't we all!) and the temptation is to just draw, draw, draw when I am in my studio. A couple of weeks ago I decided to take up the violin again. I haven't played for almost 50 years and I honestly can't remember a single thing. Attempts to channel the 8/9 year old me haven't worked - so in effect, I am starting from the beginning. Part of this has involved a realisation that it's not just the picking up and playing but I need to work on strengthening my fingers, improving my posture etc. and the time I spend doing that is just as important as the time I spend playing. I'm also very chilled about it all - I see it as a very, very long term project so am not worried if it takes years (or even decades) to get to a reasonable standard.

The experience has made me review my studio time. I've decided it's time to be a bit more relaxed about my drawing and get back into some regular reading. To get back to a more balanced approach. I have lots of lovely drawing related books and I've picked a few out to make a start with. I've been a bit lazy regarding this recently and I need to start setting some time aside regularly. I am still really interested in drawing as mark/ gesture/ trace but alongside that I want to continue this journey I'm on regarding physical vs digital drawing (and how an audience encounters and responds to this). It feels very complex so I need to start breaking it down a bit more. I think timetabling some short but regular reading/ writing sessions is a good way to start.