2nd drawing finished!

1 finished!

...nearly forgot

Identity card drawings (small credit card sized).

Drawing To Do List -

Current work in progress (5 large drawings)

Erase drawing(s) (tryptichs)

Wash drawing(s)

Fade drawing(s)

Concertina drawing(s)

Layer drawings (diptychs)

Shadow drawing(s)

plus assorted sample (i.e. small) pieces experimenting with glazes, mixed media and other temptations - and I also want to experiment more with sound/ dance/ movement stuff - so that's me sorted for the next decade or so then!

(Image: Edvard Munch's The Scream)


Feeling strong today so I managed to lift my big roll of Heritage paper onto the table to layer with carbon paper and tissue paper for my erase drawing (it is seriously heavy). Hoping that as I draw on the top layer (tissue) and rub out, the carbon (middle layer) will transfer onto the Heritage (bottom layer). Marks removed fom the top drawing should become visible on the lower layer- that's the idea anyway! Also hoping that the carbon paper itself will also become a drawing in its own right. Shouldn't really be starting a new drawing yet as I need to finish the four I'm currently working on - but I think this is going to be a line drawing rather than tonal so it will give me an alternative if I'm flagging...

Shadow Drawings

Back in 2004 I did a number of 'shadow drawings' (see top image) which were hand-etched images on acrylic sheet - the idea being that when a light shone the shadow of the etched image became visible. As the light changed so the image became less or more visible. As part of my fade/erase/wash series I wanted to do a similar thing with finger marks. Had a bit of a play today with a small piece of test acrylic and I think it will work - although of course it's absolutely impossible to get a decent photo. One dilema is scale - the old ones are about 90 x 120 cm so much easier to draw, see and document - these test are only about 6 x 10 cm and really tricky to draw. However I do quite like the idea of the scale being similar to actual size as when there is no direct light they look almost invisible - similar to finger marks on windows/ mirrors..... Will need to give this more thought - as I've still got a few months work to finish current large drawings there's no rush. Organising a group show at the Crompton in July where all customers/ staff can submit work - so may try to finish this small one for that - can get some idea of how it works and some feedback :)