Jerwood - to do or not to do?

Usual dilema at this time of the year - whether to submit work for the Jerwood Drawing exhibition. I have actually decided to submit again - must be a sucker for punishment :). Problem is that there are thousands of entries but only 40 - 50 selected. Living in Derby the nearest submission point is Liverpool which means at least 2 half days kept clear for taking work and picking up (and those days are fixed so I have to make sure I'm not doing anything else). In the past I've submitted large drawings which has meant making packing cases, and finding transport large enough to fit them into. This year I've decided to submit 3 smaller works which are representative of my current larger drawings - a pencil on paper, a wax/ pencil drawing and a drawing on translucent japanese paper. The latter is a single drawing (but I'll be doing some large scale layered drawings in the near future) and I've framed it so that it's sandwiched between 2 sheets of perspex to emphasise the translucent quality. Should all fit easily in my car which will keep the costs down and I shall use the opportunity for a bit of culture in Liverpool if time permits.


  1. Hi Kate
    I keep looking at your work and it looks really interesting and fragile and I would like to see it in the original. Jerwood dilemma for me too as always but if you don't submit you definitely won't get in! I have logistical problems this year. Let me know if you are having any shows further south since if I go down the road I drop off the end of England!

  2. Hi Fiona, Thanks. You're right of course - I always have this conversation with myself every year and always end up submitting anyway :) I'll gladly let you know if I have any exhibitions further south - currently no plans as working towards a solo show at Derby Museum in 2011. (sounds ages off but still have some large drawings to finish before I feel I can mentally move on to next stage). In another couple of months I should be ready to start a new round of applications, Kate

  3. Hi Kate and Fiona - Jerwood - Hmmmm me too. I'm running out of time. x