Reading Room

I've been thinking recently about how to get furniture into my basement studio. Wanted somewhere comfortable to sit and read but no way an ordinary chair or sofa would go down the (narrow) stairs. Then I came across a daybed in the Ikea catalogue - problem solved. Just got to make sure I do use it for reading and don't fall asleep:D


  1. Wow Kate - your library is now complete - it looks totally amazing. So I expect my paintings are getting in your way now? I will make arrangements soon - promise. I have my eye on a flat with a basement. It is not tanked - and if I was lucky enough to get it, it would have to be a project for the future. Your basement / studio conversion really inspired me as to what is possible... and of course now I know an expert I can ask!!!! love n X

  2. Hi Natalie, paintings safe don't worry - no rush. Flat sounds interesting, basements are great!!x