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In October the first Drawing Dialogues took place at QUAD in Derby and we had very positive feedback from participants. Beth Heaney helped me to get this off the ground under the banner of Derby Big Draw which she initiated and organised. We have decided to get together and organise a whole series of Drawing Dialogue events over the coming months including talks, seminars, workshops and conversations. The initial idea came about as I felt there was a space for artist focused events and to fill a gap in my own practice, outside of the educational environment, for dialogue and discussion.
The initial project (starting in January 2011) will be an informal monthly or bi-monthly session at The Crompton, Derby where someone will put forward a reading or proposition which will start off the conversation. This can be something which has direct relevance to work being produced or just be something of interest which the initiator thinks worthy of discussion. The only rule is that it must be drawing related (and not too long!). All participants will read this before the meeting, the initiator will start off the conversation (referring to examples of their own work if  they wish) and a dialogue/ debate will then hopefully develop. Participants will take it in turns to put forward a reading/ proposition giving a varied programme and encouraging people to think outside their own practice. Initially we're looking for expressions of interest, (either Beth or myself will provide the reading for the first meeting) so if it's something you would like to be involved in let me know.....We have set up a blog just for drawing dialogues HERE with an email link.

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