Wacom Inkling

For ages now I've been toying with buying an ipad (primarily for drawing digitally) but have resisted because I wanted pressure sensitivity. Wacom have just introduced a new pen - the inkling - which draws on any paper using a ballpoint pen - the drawing can then be downloaded and reworked on the computer and it IS pressure sensitive (I already have a livescribe but that only saves as vector and again no pressure sensitivity). So I've pre-ordered one and should receive it at the beginning of October. It can be saved as raster or vector, you can apply layers at drawing stage and you end up with a paper original as excited!


  1. This sounds excellent Kate - just what you've been looking for :-) x

  2. Just stumbled across a link to this a few moments ago - looks very promising, I'll look forward to hearing your verdict, Kate

  3. Just wish I didn't have to wait until the end of the month....