Happy New Year!!

2012 has now begun! A time for reflection and looking forward. I haven't got many resolutions this year - I know it's going to be difficult to find much time in my studio because of other commitments - but I have promised myself I will put some time aside each week for The Fabelists. Each project lasts for four months - which is no time at all - particularly when you take as long as I do to produce stuff! However, I have decided to use the opportunity to revisit and reinvestigate certain things with no pressure at all to produce a 'finished' piece. An opportunity to play around with ideas which have been bubbling away underneath the surface and see where they lead. The current project is 'Connect' and my first post is here.


  1. Happy new year Kate. Really looking forward to seeing what work you produce in 2012 and of course reading your blog. N x