Scale and surface..

Today I have promised myself a whole day in my studio. After posting this I shall  pick up a pencil and do some drawing  but for the past 3 hours I've been updating my axis page etc. I can't believe how long these things take!! Some good news is I'm still the 'most selected' on ArtSelector
I noticed this a couple of weeks ago but expected it to be short lived so was very happy to see I'm still at no.1 (I did check to make suer it was right but the order had changed further down so it must be! :)) Funny how little things can really give you a boost.
I have a number of large drawings in the pipeline (could be a couple of years before they're finished) but today I'm working on small scale drawings. Previously smaller works have been tests or samples - and the scale has been a result of wanting to try something out before going on to the larger drawings - as a result it has always been a compromise when showing them without the larger pieces. What has been interesting with my current 'contact' drawings is that they are exactly the size they should be and I have no inclination at the moment to go larger. I am considering other even smaller scale options - in particular the microscope holders above and intend to do a whole series of petri dish pieces.
One of the things the smaller works have highlighted is my increasing interest in the surface - initially the subtle folds and creases in the paper - but I think this will develop further. I assumed this was a new interest until I realised that the series of 3 large 'twist' drawings I am working on (which were started at the end of last year) also have a much greater emphasis on the surface. Has got me thinking about how there is a gradual unwrapping of ideas and intentions and how once something key has been identified it becomes more and more recognisable as a recurring concern.....

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