Drawing Paper #6 and other stuff..

Can't believe it's been so long since I last posted - time really does fly when you're not enjoying yourself! The usual reasons - day job one, day job two, blah, blah.... Today, however I have a couple of  hours in my studio to update, plan and prepare. A few things to share:

Drawing Paper #6 is on it's way to Derby! As usual I will have copies at the Crompton Tavern (46 Crompton Street, Derby DE1 1NY) and will also distribute to other venues in Derby and surrounding areas. If you want some let me know. This year it has been co-curated and funded by Tate Liverpool. Such a great publication (I was in # 2) and I'm thrilled to see it going from strength to strength. Best of all it's FREE!!

Another publication - The Fabelist online issue 3 is available here with some really interesting responses to the theme 'Connect' (music, visual art, writing etc.). The next project is about to start and the theme is 'Synaesthesia and the Senses'. Initially I wasn't sure but I've decided I'm going to concentrate of the 'senses' bit and use it as an opportunity to give further thought to the idea of Touch & Trace - in particular the idea of haptic memory and how it relates to both traditional and digital drawing. This may just end up as a series of ramblings...

ZAP Open - this new open is nearing it's deadline for submission. I am tempted by this because it is an upfront, transparent application process - follow the link for details. If I get my act together in the next couple of weeks I may well apply - still a lottery but  at least you know what you're paying for. The downside is - all my large drawings are too big. I particularly like the fact they accept optional statements which will be reviewed anonymously if needed - sometimes a bit of explanation is necessary. To put it mildly I don't subscribe to the idea that all visual art should speak for itself, I think the sentiment is often an excuse for laziness. This is not the same as saying there shouldn't be a space for the viewer to interpret work - I just happen to think that space should  be constrained. (But I'll save any expansion of that thought process for a future rant....).

I was searching for antique pencils (who needs shoe shops) when I came across the above image on this site http://www.wallwork.me.uk/floorboards.html. I want a house like that - all I have under my floor boards is electrical wiring and dust!

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