Goodness Me!

Activity, Year 3, 13.09.2012
Considering I've spent a very satisfactory (and much needed) 9 hours drawing today it's amazing how much computer activity has also taken place (above). Admittedly I have taken a wander down memory lane and gone back through all my blog posts for the first time. My first entry back in 2005 started 'For a while now I've been trying to keep a sketchbook on line with limited success. Thought a sketchblog might be the answer?'  It's quite odd seeing all the ideas I have started but not finished (and still want to tackle when I get round to it) so it really does work a lot like a sketch book. It's also made me think about how ideas develop - a lot of them are mentioned over a long period in various guises.I definitely need a great deal of 'thinking time' and can toy with something for years before I actually get around to tackling it in a more focused way. An ongoing unravelling of entangled ideas and thoughts.

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