One week at a time..

Activity - year 3

Activity - year 4/ week 1
I've just completed Activity - Year 3. Year 1 was laminated and stitched into one long chronological installation, Year 2  is 52 lots of of 7 acetates (each 'week' in a cellophane packet) and I am hoping to animate Year 3 in the not too distant future (not sure whether this is actually going to work but going to give it a go when I have a block of time). Towards the end of this year I got really lazy and stopped taping the paper to my digital tablet. I have decided to continue this for Year 4 - on larger paper (A4 instead of A5) which completely covers the whole tablet (I never use the buttons/ shortcuts) and instead of changing paper daily I am going to leave in place for a whole week (might even go mad and leave for a whole month...).

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