Bundle of Sticks Exhibition

I am participating in an exhibition - Bundle of Sticks - in an old Spode factory in Stoke on Tent during August. Other artists involved are Rachel Wilberforce, Ondre Nowakowski, Aylwin Greenwood-Lambert and Jo Clements.
The curator Lauren Cookson contacted me just after I had watched a youtube video about Derby Infirmary. An urban explorer had been filming the now abandoned building and in turn this led me to other videos of disused, empty buildings. One of the things I have been thinking about for a while is 'surface' and seeing these videos had set me off on a thought process about how walls, floors etc. hold layered traces of presence. These thoughts are still unresolved and very tenuous but persistent enough to be something I am sure will surface (no pun intended :)) in my future work. The exhibition is taking place in the old Spode Factory in Stoke on Trent and so I am very excited about seeing the space in the flesh and interested in where it may lead.

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