Light boxes...

I'm doing a bit of research on light boxes - the piece currently showing at the Cupola would, I think, look good on an optional light box. Not sure if I can put 2 sheets of duratrans/ acetate in it but I've ordered an A3 magnetic one for testing. It may be possible to have the duratrans in the light box and then tape the acetate on top? (a bit like an x-ray box). Or even just tape both on top? Liked the one above as it reminds me of a tablet/ computer monitor with the black rim - digital drawing and all that... and I also like the slim profile. The A0 size is quite expensive - but I don't think it's any more than a traditional frame of the same size. I do have a light panel somewhere which fits inside a frame (can be cut to size) which I got ages ago for my shadow drawings - must try to find it - but I think they are only available in smaller sizes and so no good for my large drawings.

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