engraveyourbook.com - how cool is this?

Just received my order from engraveyourbook.com and I'm so pleased with it! Had a detail of one of my drawings engraved onto a leather cover for my large moleskine sketchbook. Photos above don't really do it justice but if you go to their website you can see some great (and clearer) examples of other covers. I really want another one now - but I can only use one sketchbook at a time and I don't like moleskines for my diary etc. (I use fountain pens and the lined/ grid paper isn't good enough) so I need to put my thinking cap on. Maybe I should make my own book to fit........ could make a travel journal, or 'exhibitions I've visited' book ......


  1. What luxury - it looks beautiful Kate. If it were mine I'd be afraid to use it. x

  2. Know what you mean but it should get better over time - the leather will darken and I quite like the idea of my hands (possibly?)rubbing areas off the image as I handle it. It can use it with all my sketchbooks so the cost becomes much more reasonable over years of use - and I would have spent much more on cigarettes over the last month! (Can you believe I haven't had one for nearly 4 weeks?)x