Light sheets

For ages I've been searching for a 10 inch square light box. Instead of going straight to a large scale I'm experimenting with some ideas on a smaller scale - 10" square to be precise (so I can show them as a group) - and one of these ideas is to do with layering drawings on translucent/ transparent papers e.g. japanese paper, tracng paper and showing them on a light box. It's pretty easy to find large light boxes at a reasonable price but impossible to find small square ones which don't cost hundreds of pounds!
Finally I came across the above light sheets which are really thin and flexible and can be cut to any size with a craft knife. The top photo shows the sheet as it comes out of the box - pink with the cord visible top right corner. The middles photo shows the sheet turned on and the bottom one is the sheet behind a card mount with a couple of sheets of paper with test scribbles. I shall cut the sheet to fit into a 10" square frame (with a hole cut in the bottom of the frame to feed the cord through) and I'll have a 10" square light box.


  1. Hey Kate - I've been looking at those too - but for a slightly different application - they're great. N xxx

  2. Hi Nat - good aren't they - very versatile..The people at posterpower are really helpful too x