A stitch in time - best laid plans !

On October 15th 2009 I started tracking my daily activity on the computer (using a graphics tablet/ pen and paper and carbon). Every day I tape a new piece of A6 paper/ carbon to the tablet and the just use the computer to do whatever I need to do - the carbon transfers the marks to the paper and I have a 'drawing' of that days activity. Year one of the 'activity' series is now almost half way through and I needed to start thinking about presentation. They have been stored chronologically in cellophane packets a week at a time - and look great just pinned to the wall (maybe Year 2 using transparent/ translucent paper??). However, I really wanted to present them in a way which potentially showed all 365 drawings. The carbon paper reveals the negative mark but is clearer when held up to the light so I considered joining them (one set positive/ 1 set negative) so they could be hung/ folded in a variety of ways depending on the space they were shown in, allowing for a light source.... After much testing I decided to laminate them and join with stitches (24 stitches/ 60cm thread ) so they became like a giant concertina book which could be opened/ closed/ hung etc. in a variety of ways. I did my my tests with blank paper/ carbon and all seemed fine but when I started to laminate I realised the carbon paper doesn't like heat and the marks almost disappeared! So now I shall go ahead as planned with the transfer drawings but have to rethink what I'm going to do with the carbon.....

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