That time of year again...

Jerwood Drawing Prize time again. I've sorted out my drawings (marked and manipulated paper, shadow drawing and residual mark) early this year and kept it small because my sister is submitting and picking up my work in Edinburgh (Thanks Jenny). Normally it is a real chore because the nearest collection point is Liverpool which involves hours travelling to and fro (twice). As I've had an easy time of it this year I may hire a van next year and submit large drawings? Not sure because they return unwrapped and so will also need frames and packing case which makes it very expensive. I might see if other Derby/ Nottingham artists want me to submit their work at the same time (fill the van!) which would cut the cost down... something to think about.


  1. good luck with the jerwood drawing prize. i really like your work.

    i will be your competition! but don't worry my work is shit!!


  2. Thanks Rebeka, I'm sure your work isn't shit! These things are always a bit of a lottery - but if you don't submit you definitely won't get in so fingers crossed for both of us!x