Thursday, 3 March 2011


One of the good things about drawing digitally is that there are no problems with documentation which is certainly not the case with pencil and biro drawings. Anyone who has tried to photograph a large drawing will know what I mean. My main problem is usually that the background is slightly darker at the bottom and it drives me mad!. So I have spent a fair amount of time this week trying to work out how to tweak them to remedy this. Losing a little of the lightest tone still, but getting there. It has also made me realise how much screens vary - the one I use for my drawing shows a lot more of the subtle tones than my second monitor which I haven't adjusted at all.


  1. Hi Kate - photographing 2D work is always a problem. Painting is hard enough - but in my experience drawing is always the MOST difficult. The white paper always seems to show every slight variation in light and shadow. It becomes even more difficult the larger the artwork. Keep soldiering on as these are looking good. If you are using Photoshop have you tried using 'levels'? Just a thought. N x

  2. Nightmare!! I have been using levels and curves and a tiny bit of the dodge tool - just need to work out (and remember) what I'm actually doing. Could take some time - however I think it will be time well spent as once I've worked it all out I can hopefully keep doing it!! :) x

  3. I don't remember ever noticing this when I used to photograph work with a 35mm (non-digital) camera, but I get the above problem with my digital camera, even from a couple of feet away. I've played about with transparent gradients on a separate layer, which helps, but I'm not an expert, so haven't found a real answer. Sorry if this is no help whatsoever.

  4. Good to know it's not just me :) I used to get this with 35mm too - but only on large works. All suggestions gratefully received however as I'm no expert either!