Monday, 7 March 2011

Future plans...

I consider my work to be primarily drawing based and although I have always felt there were very strong, recurring print references (and did my M.A. in printmaking) I didn't think I would be ever return to traditional printmaking. However - as usually happens when I decide not to do something - I somehow come up with an overwhelming reason to actually do it and so I am now contemplating doing some etchings and screen prints.
I have been really pleased with the way that my digital drawings are printing digitally (Draw1 above) and have plans for a whole range of digital prints including onto aluminium, double sided diptych etched onto acrylic and I am also researching other possible surfaces. Thinking about the digital/ traditional and hand/ print relationship - including terminology, value and encounter - got me thinking again about traditional printing processes as a method of production. One of the next things on my to do list (probably after my Derby shows) is to produce (laser etched) etching plates and screens from my digital drawings and to hand print them. I would want them to be printed at a scale of 1:1 from the digital drawing files (101.6 x 1372 mm) as the digital prints are. So just need access to a laser cutter and a very large press and u.v. box then....

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