Moving beyond the grid...

Today, I'm tidying up all the loose ends before my show in a couple of weeks - sorting prints, frames etc.. I'm also about to gesso some boards as I'm considering doing some painting!!
I've been contemplating lots of things to do with mark and surface recently. I've always had this idea that drawing is about inscription and painting about surface (at it's simplest level) and as I'm thinking about putting more emphasis on surface it seems obvious that maybe now is the time to experiment with paint (probably in conjunction with drawing). Over the last 10 years I have regularly produced 'samples' - smaller size tests before moving on to a larger scale. I show them as a collection - a bit like a sketch book - and often they contain work which is in the pipeline but not yet developed. A selection from my recent exhibition is below - always individually contained within a 25 x 25 cm square and presented as a grid.
As I'm am really interested using petri dishes and/ or other circular surfaces the obvious thing seems to be to use these to experiment with some of the ideas I have regarding mark and surface and to eventually exhibit them together as an installation. Not only is the shape a bit of a departure but it it almost certain that they will need to be in a much more random configuration (a meander along the wall..) and the size will vary. All of the work will be addressing a specific train of thought (albeit in a diverse way) rather than anything and everything - and at the moment I have no intention of using as tests for larger works - so it is an interesting (and as usual unexpected) development....

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