Degrees of separation...

I have (as usual) been really busy with the day jobs this week - I alternate between really resenting the time I have to spend on 'other stuff' to accepting it is inevitable if I am going to pay bills and continue to produce the work I want to. This week has tended towards the former (although I have been doing a project with a local school which has been an absolute joy and has made it easier). The drawing 'essences' I  began experimenting with a week ago have been languishing on a shelf as I haven't had time to do any more work on them. Interestingly the pigment on some have settled to the bottom of the bottle - whilst others are still evenly mixed. Not sure why - the pencils were the same make/ type? I shall leave undisturbed for a while longer to see whether there are any more changes.


  1. mmmm, wondering if it's to do with type of pigment - some must be more soluble than others x