Drawing Paper #5 and other notes...

The fifth Drawing paper is out!
Drawing Paper is a not for profit newspaper based publication concerned solely with drawing, curated, designed and published in Liverpool UK by Mike Carney and Jon Barraclough. More info here. I have a number of copies which I'll be distributing to local Derby venues in the next week or so -alternatively pick up a copy from the Crompton Tavern and have a look whilst enjoying a pint or two! Short listed this year for the Liverpool Art Prize it's always a great read with a really interesting mix of artists (and drawings!).
Next week I'm off to London - it's been far too long since I last went and I'm very excited! I shall pop into The Other Art Fair where the Fabelists have a stand and I'm also going to be reuniting with an old friend who I haven't seen for so many years it's scary! I have yet to decide what the rest of my timetable will be - but rather than going to the 'big' shows I'm hoping to visit some of the smaller galleries. 
I lived in London in the early eighties in an Acme house (back then they also offered affordable housing/ studios combined - the rent was less than the council tax!). Initially there were plans to demolish the house but a quick search shows it's still there on Spanby Road - but now divided into flats and looking a lot posher!      We moved out of London for a variety of reasons but it is one of the few decisions I've made in my life that I would reverse if I could. I am definitely a big city girl at heart!