Disappearing Act

Now the day job has calmed down I am spending a few hours sorting out studio stuff. I made a decision a few weeks ago to cut my hybrid fade drawing into 4 to make them a more manageable size. It means one of them is well on its way despite very limited time in my studio (above). I am keen to get it into the daylight to see what happens. I know the ballpoint will fade over time - one of my lace drawings done with ballpoint on canvas:

has been on my wall for at least 6 years and although not in direct sunlight has gradually faded to a sepia colour (other drawings have faded to a blue colour due to using a different make of black ballpoint pen). I imagine it will continue to fade until there is only a trace of the original drawing left.
I also know the pencil won't fade - but I have no idea what will happen to the digital part. After spending lots of time (and money) in the past ensuring I use archival paper and ink it will be interesting to see what will happen to a print on standard paper over time.

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