My second white mini...

The first white mini I owned looked like this:
It was the car I learnt to drive in, passed my test in and whizzed around Leicestershire in for a year or two (without a seat belt for a while which gives a clue as to how long ago it was!) and I loved it. I particularly liked the rusted hole on the drivers side (which was in just the right position to flick ash through).
My second white mini should arrive tomorrow and looks like this:
After a busy 3 months with the day job (and some Christmas money) I have finally succumbed. I did contemplate an android tablet but the apple drawing apps were the deciding factor -I have also spotted a few 'pressure sensitive' styli (styluses?) which made the decision easier. It could be a long while before I do any drawing on it (and the styli are expensive so that will definitely have to wait) but looking forward to the possibilities...

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