Upcoming Exhibitions

A couple of upcoming exhibitions I am taking part in:

INBOX - HMS, Long Eaton 17th - 30th May/ Art-Athina, Athens 4th - 7th June
Chionodoxa (Glory of the snow) - Cuploa Gallery, Sheffield, 14 March  - 18 April

For the Cupola Gallery Exhibition I will be showing digital drawings - 'Hold' for the first time and'Gather'. I intended 'Hold' to be a layered drawing all along and it is very exciting to have just received the final prints for the show (original files = 1016 x 1372 mm, printed at 841 x 1189 mm (AO)). It has been a bit of a nightmare - but ended up as 1 drawing on duratrans and 1 drawing on acetate. This has the added advantage that it can be displayed as a lightbox in the future if required but also gave the lower layer a bit more 'weight' which looked better when shown pinned to the wall. Above is one version - because the top layer is acetate there are a number of possible options depending on which way the acetate is hung. I quite like the idea that whoever hangs the show will make that decision so I will not be specifying 'top'. Very difficult to photograph in my studio as expected (I thought large drawings on paper were hard!) but below gives an idea of what it looks like close up. 

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