Jerwood Drawing - bit of a rant.

Every year I say never again - and every year I relent....this year is the final time though unless it becomes more Midlands friendly! I decided this year to send work via Edinburgh - my sister has a Wasp studio and just has to go downstairs to drop off work. Mum and Dad visited her last month and she was in the Midlands yesterday so in theory I could have avoided any transport costs and had it there in plenty of time. No, that would be too easy - I went online back in May, paid my £18 and then realised the work submission form and labels weren't available until after 5pm today (4 days before the work will be picked up??). I rang to see if there was any way I could get them earlier - as far as I know they are identical every year - No, not possible. So, I've just got back from work all ready to download, pack and prepare for posting tomorrow. The work submission form is online but I can't find the work labels anywhere? So I just have to hope they are online tomorrow morning. Do these people not realise some of us have jobs or other commitments which mean we need to organise in advance. Why can't we have a Midlands pick up??Aghhhh!


  1. This year I stuck to my guns and decided not to enter, not so much because of problems with pick up (this year there is a collection point fairly local), but because the handling and packing requirements make it such a big issue for the things I am working on. I would have loved to enter some of my 3D pieces, but I know they would suffer either from the presentation/judging process or just plain old mishandling. By the sound of your experience I wouldn't have been able to get anything ready before I left the country anyway. Grrr! I hope your work gets there without further ado, and this time it is selected! Do these people not have eyes???

  2. sounds like its not a very user friendly set up. is there any way you can give them feed-back so that your comments can be taken on board. but hey if you are serious about not doing it next year ???? keep smiling, zhandra

  3. Hi Phil, I know just what you mean, I always have to make a compromise with what I send and it does concern me that they don't package work for return (somehow indicative of a lack of respect for the work). They don't make it easy for anything other than traditionally framed work do they? I've just had to ring them and they're going to email me labels so I should be able to post this morning. Hi Zhandra, I keep telling them - but every year it's the same. I think they make so much money as it is, there's no incentive to change. Kx